Frequently Asked Questions

Costs for each of our sightseeing tours can be found by clicking on each tour on our webpage. The hourly cost for private rent is ISK 335.000 and the helicopters seat five to six passengers each. For more information on exclusive flights please see exclusive flight.
We do have weight restrictions for our passengers. All passengers exceeding 125kg/275lbs need to book and pay for an extra seat.
Minimum 2 persons is required for those tours that are sold as per seat. The cost is the same for every passenger unless it is a private flight and 5 to 6 seats are used then the cost per person is less. Some of our longer tours can only be booked as a private flight.
The helicopters have a sliding door that can be opened while in the air for photographing and cold should not get in the way, one can dress to the occasion. However photo-flights where the door can be opened are only sold as private flights since it is not allowed to open the door on a common sightseeing flight with other passengers than the photographers and their assistants. I have myself shot really nice pictures through the glass of the helicopters but the photo-flights are popular.
In the Bell 407 helicopter 5 passengers will have window seats, one is in the front and two face backwards but the windows are big and bubbly so one has great view in any direction. In the A star helicopter 3 passengers have window seats, one in the front and in the back the seats are four in a row, all passenger face forward.